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Swim Instructor

​Spread the love of swimming

Swimming is a life skill! Swim Teachers are passionate about aquatics and big believers in the potential of others. They have the enthusiasm and understanding needed to help learners thrive in the water.

Complete a NZ Certificate in Aquatics (Swim and Water Safety Teacher) - Level 3

This qualification is 4o credits and covers the following skills and knowledge

  • Maintaining safety and applying aquatic supervision techniques to ensure a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience for customers
  • Educating customers and promoting facility products and services to enhance customer experience
  • Applying knowledge of water confidence, water safety, swimming strokes and biomechanicals of movement in the water to teach swimming and water safety
  • Teaching swimmers in water safety, survival skills, swimming progressions and techinuqes to develop safety awareness in aquatic environments

Complete a NZ Certificate in Aquatics (Specialised Swim and Water Safety Teacher) - Level 4

120 credits

Step 1

The apprentice completes the NZ Certificate in Aquatics (Swim and Water Safety Teacher) (Level 3)

Steps 2 and 3

The apprentice completes two Swimming NZ teacher extension courses, from the following four subject areas:

  • Early Childhood Swimmers
  • Adult Swimmers
  • Adaptive Aquatics
  • Stroke Mechanics

Step 4

The apprentice completes an online assessment task, in which they review and evaluate their programmes relating to the extension courses they’ve completed

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