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Hydrotherapy has significant rehabilitation and fitness benefits.
photo of women walking up pool ramp

Our Programme Pool doubles as a Hydrotherapy Pool. Hydrotherapy is the name to describe exercises in warm water, it's also called Aquatic Therapy.

The warmer temperature of the pool (usually 34 degrees) helps improve muscle relaxation, movement of stiff or swollen joints, strengthen muscles and reduce pain all without pressure and impact on the body.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

  • Reduced weight-bearing loads through your joints
  • The ability to focus on specific movement patterns in a safe environment without a fear of falling or re-injury.
  • Can be utilised when limited weight bearing is allowed
  • Muscle blood flow increased by the warm water increasing muscle metabolism- leading to increased joint/muscle range of movement or increased power.
  • Relieve pain and reduce muscle spasm
  • Gain relaxation
  • Re-educate gait or dysfunctional muscles/joints
  • Improve circulation

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